Technical innovation

Through my diverse background in biophysics, finance, retail & software development, I can offer a powerful perspective on your current and future projects, as well as hands-on technical skills.

I also have an extensive professional development network and have the leadership skills to lead a technical team if your project has such requirements.

Projects delivered with

I've helped make an FX Options back-office system, banking administrative forms, high traffic retail store, Smart TV software, green energy dashboards, biological imaging and much more.

I've trained teams in advanced JavaScript, React, Ember, software team structure & leadership, tech interviews and recruitment. I also have a track record of junior developers I helped become accomplished engineers.

I have a brochure of courses I can deliver for any teams wanting to upskill in SvelteKit, React, Ember and Advanced JavaScript. If I can be of service, please reach out to me.


Teaching on YouTube

View some technical training on some of the technologies I use. In particular I like to teach on Svelte and Cloud technologies.