Speaking and Training Engagements

I've spoken at conferences, university classes, meetups and trained teams in technologies.

I can do remote speaking engagements or can travel to your event if COVID restrictions allow.

Bookings can be hourly or over several days depending on your needs. Longer engagements will allow a more workshop type delivery.

Leadership Track

πŸ¦… Building And Training Productive Software Teams

An inefficient team structure loses companies billions (if not trillions) every year. Ego, infighting, lack of mentorship and bad recruitment practices all contribute to this.

I have worked with dozens of organisations and I have seen what works and what doesn't.

Key Concepts

  • Knowledge sharing & mentorship.
  • Tech branding & recruitment.
  • Team structure and practices.

πŸ§‘πŸΎβ€πŸ€β€πŸ§‘πŸ» Building Engaging Online Communities.

I have built several online communities ranging from dozens to thousands of members. I can bring this knowledge to help you build your community.

I've seen all sorts of dynamics that only experience can teach you about. I will share with you lessons learned through tough experiences.

Key Concepts

  • Managing & moderating communities.
  • Community discovery & SEO.
  • Engaging and active communities

Recent Leadership Speaking Engagements

INSEEC U. (Private University) - Building developer teams & social branding/networks

Conrad Foundation - Vision casting on growing online communities

Technical Training

I have a selection of training courses covering JavaScript, TypeScript, Svelte, React and other technical subjects. Typically, I teach in workshop settings over several days.

Selected pre-COVID lockdown public training engagements:

Courses Offered

Advanced JavaScript

Taking JavaScript developers to an advanced level with modern practices and techniques.

Key Concepts

  • Functional programming
  • Aysnc Programming
  • ES2015+
  • DOM manipulation
  • TypeScript (optional)

React Bootcamp

A Practical workshop to rapidly teach the student to become productive in React.

Key Concepts

  • Components
  • React hooks
  • Redux
  • High coverage testing with Jest & Enzyme

Svelte Bootcamp

I've been using Svelte since 2019 and have delivered several projects.

Key Concepts

  • Svelte syntax
  • Sveltekit
  • Testing Svelte
  • MentorCV; a social network

Teaching on YouTube

View some technical training on some of the technologies I use. In particular, I like to teach on Svelte and Cloud technologies.


Firstly I want to say I came to see you at an event recently, you were fantastic, as a recruiter I learned a lot about the language I recruit for and am very grateful for the insights you provided. I'm already relishing the next opportunity I get to attend one of your events and highly recommend you to any developer or recruiter looking to learn more about TypeScript (a super set of JavaScript as I learnt from you Nikos)

Alexander - Recruitment consultant

Nikos provided my team with tailor made JavaScript training that changed the way we leverage our analytics code. With his help we were able to identify and resolve issues within our code and then redeploy quickly.

Eric - Marketing Innovation Manager at Dixons Carphone

Nikos has been great at bringing knowledge and enthusiasm for Ember to my development team. He stepped in and immediately took on a mentoring role, as well as getting his hands dirty fixing some deep rooted architectural issues. Able to work both with the local team and our offshore suppliers, Nikos spirit and passion for technology shines through.

Gareth - CTO, Product Developer and Transformation Director

"Nikos is a generous, friendly and engaging guide. He has an extensive knowledge of TypeScript and the intricacies of the ever-changing JavaScript ecosystem. This could be very helpful if you’re considering how to use TensorFlow.js.

Dean - Software Developer